Staff Development
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Staff Development

Introduction to Staff Information page

Welcome to staff information page for Panjabi language teachers.

The purpose of this page is to provide up to date information about administration, teaching, learning and assessment to support your role as Punjabi Language teachers at GNKC.

This page contains useful insights into various aspects of your role. Please note the following areas.

- Curriculum Information i.e. scheme of work, lesson plans, teaching materials, etc.

- Assessment Information i.e. progress tests, examinations etc.

- Administration Information i.e. teaching templates, SMART targets, home learning strategies etc.

- Professional Development i.e.: lesson observations, staff training, INSET (in-service staff education and training), staff meetings.

The main vision of GNKC is to provide outstanding teaching and learning opportunities of the Punjabi Language for all pupils at the school. This page will endeavour to update teachers on all professional aspects of their role.

This page may also be of professional interest to other teachers and administrators involved in Panjabi language provision around the world. If you would like further information about our work or would like to make a contribution to this webpage please complete the feedback page.

In partnership we can promote the Panjabi language and culture and further develop expertise in teaching and learning for the benefit of all practitioners, learners, scholars and the wider community.

- School Lesson Plan-Guidelines. Click Here.
- Lesson Plan - Proforma. Click Here.
- Lesson Plan Example. Click Here.
- Lesson Planning Hints. Click Here.
- Guidance on the use of evidence forms (April 2009). Click Here.
- Ofsted Languages Reprt 2008. Click Here.
- Ofsted Lesson Observation Criteria Assessment Grid. Click Here.
- GNKC Teacher Training Day- 30th August 2008. Click Here.

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