School Policy and Practice
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School Policy and Practice

Guru Nanak Khalsa College is committed to Racial Equality, that applies to all section of the College ie: Employment and Admission.

The College has high regard for all the students who are committed to learn about our culture, language and relgion in their extra time from main stream schools. We feel these children are the cream and the golden nuggets of the Sikh community and the flag bearers of the future.

The College, very much appreciates the efforts of the parents who bring there children to our Educational and religious environment. By giving this opportunity to their children, they are sowing the seeds of success for the coming generation.

The College would like to develop the partnership with parents further to make sure that all the parents are aware of the progress of their children the College activities.

The College is extremely grateful to the Managing Committee of Guru Nanak Gurdware, Sedgley Street, Wolverhampton, who have always been very supportive of the College activities and provide siginficant amount of funds to run the College.

The whole staff is fully committed to do there almost best to make sure that the students are fully aware of our mission statement.

The work is rewarded by the class teachers with gold or silver stars.

Planning, development and evaluation of the College activities are discussed in the monthly staff meetings, and twice a year staff development training take place.

We have written syllabus for all the classes. SMART targets are set for each term.

First 20 minutes of the classes except the exam classes, are devoted to religious education.

Parents are invited twice a year to discuss their children's progress.

A few months ago, Adult classes have been started to ensure that the parents learn Panjabi and R.E, to able them to help their children at home with their homework.

We seek to be absolutely fair but firm to make sure our daily activities does not contain any kind of political practice at GNKC.

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