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Parent Programme

Introduction to Parent's Programme

Welcome all parents, relatives and friends involved in the development of your child’s Panjabi language skills. At GNKC we are committed in providing outstanding learning experience for all pupils attending Panjabi language classes at the school.

We understand the importance of the role of parents, family and community in supporting your children’s linguistic and cultural education in the Panjabi Language.

The page provides beneficial information about various aspects of your child’s education at the school. The following details will encourage you to actively participate in the development of your child’s Panjabi language skills.

- Administration information i.e. termly SMART targets, curriculum details etc.

- Home learning strategies.

- Assessment and examinations.

- Parent’s meetings and feedback.

The main vision of GNKC is to provide outstanding learning opportunities for all pupils and we feel that parents and well wishers have a key role to play alongside the pupils and the staff at the school.

This page may also be of personal interest to other parents and community members involved in their child’s Panjabi language education around the world. If you would like further information about our work or would like to make a contribution to this webpage please complete the feedback page.

In partnership we will be able to merge best intentions for our children and give them the extra edge in today’s challenging environment by providing them valuable skills for their future of which the Panjabi language is of no exception.

- Smart Target Assessment Sheet. Click Here.
- Home Learning Strategy. Click Here.
- Home Diary. Click Here.
- Progress and Achievement Chart 2009/2010. Click Here.
- Hobbies & Interest. Click Here.
- Smart Target Information Sheet for Parents 2009/2010. Click Here.

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