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About us

Principal Mr. Niranjan Singh Dhillon RSA Dip. M.A.

Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Sedgley, Wolverhampton (GNKC) was started in 1989 by the Management committe of Guru Nanak Gurdwara at the request of S. Ajit Singh Brainch, the present vice-principal of GNKC, in the year 1989.

I started to teach Punjabi A Level at GNKC when I was teaching at Bilston Community College, Wolverhampton in 1997/98. I had the opportunity to be the head of the school, now called GNKC. I have my own ideas, aims, objectives and a vision for the future to expand the College and eventually make it a mainstream educational institute for the local community as a whole. We want GNKC a regularly run weekly educational institute, funded by the local authority, Government departments and other sources of funding so that we can promote culture amoungst our younger generation, help the parents and the local community to be able to help their children with their studies. Also help the younger generation to achieve good grades in their school subjects. So they can have a better future in the world job market.

Our Success

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the parents and the staff, the number of pupils and the staff have doubled over the last ten years. We are very pleased and proud to announce that we have now over 750 hundred pupils. We hope to increase the number in the year 2012/2013 to 800 pupils.

The parents bring their children to the college from as far as 20 miles radius of our City of Wolverhampton.

We humbly claim to be the biggest supplementary weekend college in the world teaching Panjabi from beginners up to A Level at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Sedgley Street, Wolverhampton.


We have 30 well qualified and experienced teaching staff who do not treat teaching at the College as their job. In fact they regard this as a opportunity to serve their community and work diligently towards keeping our language, culture and religion alive and well for the generations to come.

Apart from the 30 regular staff members, there are 10 volunteer Classroom Assistants and office administrator. We very much appreciate their help and their voluntary contribution. We have some past pupils who have passed their A Level Panjabi and come to help as class assistants.

Our Strengths

The main strengths of the college is the co-operation of the Managing Commitee, the dedication and support of the parents, hardworking well qualified staff and of course the commitment of the pupils. We call them the nuggets of gold and the treasure chest of the community. They are the ones who are putting extra efforts and preparing themselves today for the challenges of tomorrow to our community and culture.

we have a culture of a big extended family in the College. The staff feels that pupils who attend GNKC are the part of our family whose every single member is entitled to have complete care and attention for his/her overall future success and welfare.

Staff Development and monthly meetings

Staff Development is carried out on voluntary basis twice a year by a master's degree holder in teaching languages. He is an ex Panjabi student, Sunil Naphrey.

SMART targets are set during the development sessions for each term in accordance with the written syllabuses for each level of teaching.

Monthly Staff meetings are held to plan, review curriculum, sports and other educational activities of the college. These meetings are an important part of communication channel between the Staff, Committee, parents and the pupils. The complements, concerns and suggestions are taken on board in the meetings and required action regarding any concern is taken as first priorty.

Mock Tests and Annual Exams

Tests are carried out twice a year, one in December and the final annual exam at the end of June. If a pupils is making good progress in his/her studies he/she is promoted to the next higher level in consultation with the parents and teachers during the year.

Parents are invited to talk to the teachers and the report of the test is dicussed with them. We also have their written comments, concerns and complements on Parents Day, which takes place twice a year.

Our role in the changing world.

The world is changing fast. We want to keep up with the changes in teaching and learning technology for our staff and pupils. New projectors have been installed in the class rooms. We are expecting some more visual aids and language lab equipment in the near future to enhance our teaching and learning resources.

We feel that teaching and learning our language and culture in the places of worship and in the mainstream schools must be the top priority. This is a challenge we must except to maintain our honourable and distinct identity in the world. Excellence in teaching and learning is one of our goals

Mission Statement

Guru Nanak Khalsa College seeks to promote the sikh culture and respect for other cultures amoungst all the students.

The world culture has broad meaning. It includes religion, language, music, art, dress, behaviour, customs and tradition of a community.

Students will be given the opportunity and encouragement to learn Panjabi and Sikh religion from the beginning up to A Level Qualification in a pleasant, safe and secure environment, build self confidence and feel a sense of pride in themselves and their culture and identity.

We want GNKC to be the one of the best main stream College and provide the pupils with first class and up to date teaching and learning resources.

Vision Statement

Guru Nanak Khalsa College would endevour to develop the capability and awareness of its students who will be able to pass on and promote the values of Sikh Culture to the next generation in the world. The College would like to educate and inspire each of its students to be proud of our identity and speard the fundamental messages of our Gurus and inspire them to take higher Education and to be successful in the international job market.

  • Kirat Karo - Work honestly to earn your daily living.
  • Naam Japo - Always remember God and his belessings.Be Positive.
  • Wand Shako - Share your good fortune with the needy, hungry and the poor.
  • Maance Kee Jaat Sabhe Ekay Pehchanbho - Regard all human races as equal.
  • Guru Granth Ji Manion Pargat Guran Ki Deh - Regard the Sikh Scripture as our living Guru and have complete faith in the capital of the Guru.
  • Sarbat Ka Bhala - Seeking and working for the welfare of all mankind regardless of cast, colour, race, ability or gender and promote social Harmony.
  • Vidya Vichari Tan Parupkari - Regard education as the best fundamental tool for personal development and helping others.

    • Inspire each and every student to educate themselves professionally to raise the image of their family and the Sikh Nation as a whole in this very challenging world of job opportunties.
    • Motivate and help all the Punjabis regardless of their religion to be able to speak, read and write Panjabi to keep our culture alive and well in the future.
    • Inspire the students to learn Sikh history and have fundamental knowledge of Sikhism to speard the message of our Guru's and feel proud in their Sikh Identity.

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